Admission Arrangements

Parents can choose a school for their child as long as the Local Education Authority agrees that the school is the best one to meet the needs of the child.

A young person will have their educational needs fully assessed before the LEA makes a proposal where he/she should be placed. There is full consultation between the parents and all agencies involved with the child.

Each child admitted to Southlands normally has a statement of special educational need. This says what the child's needs are, and how these needs should be met. 

Students may be admitted to Southlands at any time during the school year and from any school covering this age group. They may also be admitted from other Local Educational Authorities. 

The school has very good links with local mainstream schools and a number of students access part of their curriculum on these sites.

Parents usually visit the school with the child before the child is admitted.

Southlands is resourced to provide education for students with moderate learning difficulties and a small number with additional emotional and/or behavioral problems. The school and the L.E.A. will monitor the admission of any students who may need extra resources for whatever reason.

A copy of the school’s Admission Policy is available to all parents