EPICC is the school’s provision to support and nurture those students who require additional support with a range of different issues such as challenging behaviour poor social skills, anxiety, lack of understanding about conditions such as Autism, ADHD etc. This resource is managed by Stella Ellis (pt), and a team of support assistants - Jackie Mather, Victoria Wallace, Karen Nelson, Sean Kirkup and Scott McKenzie.  Additional teaching and therapeutic input is delivered by a number of other staff in the school. EPICC is an attachment friendly provision; an understanding of the principles of nurture underpins the focus of our work with students who access EPICC.  


Nurture sessions are individually tailored to target a range of issues our students face, staff aim to build meaningful and positive relationships through shared activities and learning opportunities. Some of our students choose to access their nurture sessions through a range of practical activities including gardening, cooking or crafts.


The school has number of places for students who have EPICC identified on their EHCP. Students access the majority of their lessons in the main school. Students are withdrawn to EPICC for individual or small group sessions as the timetable permits.


The EPICC building contains a kitchen where our students can develop and practise their independent livings skills by making snacks and drinks.  We have a Nurture room, which contains lots of games and toys.  We also have a sensory room, which our students can use when they feel over stimulated, or need somewhere quiet to calm down.


EPICC benefits from having a large garden area, which over the years has been developed and maintained by our students.  Many of our students enjoy the opportunity to be outside learning about how to grow and nurture plants.  A variety of vegetables and flowers are grown, much of the produce with either used by the school or bought by the staff.  Students are involved in all aspects of the garden, from planting seeds, nurturing plants, through to harvesting and cooking with the produce.