Our Ethos, Values & Priorities

"We will promote confidence, security and achievement for every individual within school"

We aim....

to encourage every individual to have respect for themselves and others.

to provide a caring environment from which to promote the safety and well-being of every individual.

to encourage and reward achievement in all areas of school life.

to encourage each individual to play a meaningful part in the school community.

to prepare students for an active and purposeful role in society.

Our Whole School Priorities 2021-22

To help young people, to help themselves for life ahead

Leadership and Management

Priority 1: Improve leadership and Management at all levels by establishing a distributed responsibility model


Quality of Education

Priority 2: To ensure a high quality curriculum whereby children learn the essential knowledge and skills to support them for life.


Behaviour and Attitudes

Priority 3:  Improve behaviour and attitudes through a triangulated approach involving school ,students and families/carers in line with Southlands ethos , vision to further support preparation for life.


Personal Development

Priority 4: To ensure that Southlands has a comprehensive Personal Development programme that supports all our students for life.