The Curriculum

In The Melrose Centre, we recognise the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum.  In Key stage 3, students follow the an adapted national curriculum, personalised to meet their needs.  We also dedicate some of the timetable to structured social skills and emotional regulation lessons


In Key stage 4, students begin to focus more on independence skills.  They follow an ASDAN based curriculum, working on different short courses and towards Bronze, Silver and Gold ASDAN awards.


Post 16 students follow the ASDAN CoPE Award and will again have access to other qualifications according to their individual needs and abilities. A key feature of this phase of the students’ education will be preparation for the next stage of their life.


Throughout their time in the Melrose Centre students will be helped to face the social and emotional difficulties that their condition presents. There is a sensory curriculum which will vary according to individual need. There will also be autism specific elements to the curriculum to enable the students to understand themselves and so develop their coping strategies and emotional resilience. Again, this will be delivered according to need and individual ability to understand the issues being addressed.