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  • Respect towards everyone

  • Promote safety & wellbeing

  • Encourage & reward achievement

  • Prepare for society

Welcome to Southlands School!

Welcome to Southlands

Southlands school inspirational wall

Our promise to our students and their families is that we will always be ‘helping young people to help themselves’. This lies at the heart of everything that we do. Our students are encouraged and reminded to ‘keep being great’ and, as TEAM Southlands, we work together to ensure that each young person achieves THEIR very best and beyond!  We see the ‘individual’ as we know one size does not fit all and pride ourselves on our positive and honest relationships by adapting to meet interests as well as the needs of our students.

We are an 11-16 secondary special school in North Shields based over two sites.  All of our students have an EHCP. They have a range of abilities and difficulties associated with their diagnosis of ASC.

We look forward to working with parents and carers to really make a difference for all of our students. We also work with external professionals so that we can best support our students and their families.

We have designated curriculum teams to fulfil our ambitious curriculum and ‘student support’ teams who support students on their journey through school with us.  

Our curriculum team is made up of specialist teachers and support staff to offer the national curriculum as well a wide range of external accreditation.   We encourage our teachers to be creative and step outside the box! 

Our student support team are housed in our popular “hub” and are always on hand to provide advice, guidance and pastoral input so that our young people are ready and able to learn and to deal with the curve balls life can sometimes deal. 

At Southlands we know that our students, staff and visitors should feel safe, secure and valued whilst they are in our school.

We offer regular tours for prospective families, so please get in touch if you would like to come along to see what we are all about. 

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