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Student Safety


The Underwear Rule – PANTS

The NSPCC’s “Underwear Rule” campaign - also known as the PANTS campaign – has been supporting and encouraging parents and schools to talk to students about staying safe from sexual abuse.

From P through to S, each letter gives an important message for all students to help them stay safe.
The PANTS tools and resources give adults clear and simple ways to open these conversations in a clear and child-friendly way. The key messages for children are:

  • P – Privates are privates

  • A – Always remember your body belongs to you

  • N – No means no

  • T – Talk about secrets that upset you

  • S – Speak up, someone can help

At Southlands School we fully support and deliver the PANTS message to our children.

Southlands school underwear rule display board - PANTS

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Below you will find a number of pictures of our display boards from within the school relating to this subject. Please feel free to click on them for a larger picture.

Southlands school display board - sexual harassment laws

Southlands school display board - PSHE

Southlands school display board - diversity