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Mathematics (under maintenance)


‚ÄčIn maths, we have a spiral curriculum that allows our students to develop at their own pace with appropriate challenges provided by specialist staff.  Topics are taught in small chunks over each term to allow students to access a wide range of topics over the year, thus embedding knowledge and understanding, and developing their long-term memory. Students will gain the skills and knowledge of number properties and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability and algebra.  Students will also gain knowledge in conceptual understanding, communication using symbols, fluency, logical reasoning and strategic competence.

We assess our students during retrieval and assessment weeks at the end of each half-term.  We adapt the WRM assessment documentation to meet the needs of our students.  KS4 students are assessed appropriately depending on the pathway they are studying towards.

We offer three pathways in maths:

  1. AQA entry level
  2. AQA Functional Skills
  3. AQA GCSE Foundation/Higher
LEARNING JOURNEYS 2023 - 2024 (click to view or download a copy below)

Mathematics year 7 learning journey

Year 7

Mathematics year 8 learning journey

Year 8

Mathematics year 9 learning journey

Year 9

Mathematics year 10 learning journey

Year 10

Mathematics year 11 learning journey

Year 11