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Food Technology


​Food Technology contributes to happy, healthy lives, independent living skills and a ‘can do attitude’ that builds confidence across numerous areas. In many students, a love of cooking is an essential life skill, a hobby or even a career.
Food technology helps give our students the knowledge, skills and confidence to cook for themselves, contributing to living healthy and more independent lives in the future. The ability to cook is not only an important life skill, but it can provide a creative hobby and exciting job opportunities in the future. Every lesson will involve a high level of practical work, based mainly around savoury dishes that students could make at home. Regular practice builds practical skills, simple recipes can progress into more complex recipes based on student abilities. Food technology also gives students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills from other areas, such as practical maths skills, aspects of English; speaking and listening, reading and writing. Other areas of the curriculum such as science, geography and history often add to the depth of the subject. Students learn about the environmental impact of food choices; issues such as seasonality, food miles, Fairtrade, vegetarian diets and food waste. Students will understand how their choices can impact the world around us and, as citizens of the future that they should try to source food responsibly.

LEARNING JOURNEYS 2023 - 2024 (click to view or download a copy below)

Food technology year 7 learning journey

Year 7

Food technology year 8 learning journey

Year 8

Food technology year 9 learning journey

Year 9