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Music Mark SchoolAt Southlands we use the 3 pillars of musical learning:- Performing, Listening and Composing through delivering the national curriculum over a 9 week course, as part of the Technology and Performing Arts carousel.  Students will use technology and instruments, offering the perfect opportunity for students to express themselves freely and with growing confidence.  

​We aim to encourage an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding by teaching students the importance of supporting each other and enable them to express their ideas calmly and without fear of rejection.  They are also shown the benefits of listening patiently to others. Students learn that by working together, they can become stronger.

​The skills required for this type of work are vital, not only in the music classroom but in life beyond school.

Music year 7 learning journey

Year 7

Music year 8 learning journey

Year 8

Music year 9 learning journey

Year 9

Music year 10 & 11 learning journey

Year 10 & 11